Individual Therapy Services

What to Expect - Initial Session(s)

Whether or not you have been in therapy before, I will first listen deeply to what is going on, and collaborate with you to decide what goals and approach may work for you and your situation. This initial phase of therapy usually takes a few sessions as I get to know you, and it gives you an opportunity to decide whether you feel we are a right fit. 

How I Work and Ways I can Help

Every individual brings a unique combination of strengths, challenges and needs.  I respect, value, and seek to develop understanding for individual differences in temperament, as well as the shaping influences of cultural backgrounds, family histories, and current contexts.  My approach is collaborative, strengths based, and relational (my theoretical orientation is a blend of psychodynamic and humanistic approaches).   

I believe understanding and resolution of unresolved loss or grief and anxieties emerges out of a meaningful connected relationship that is chosen, not forced.  Furthermore, I believe meaning-making is not merely a linguistic endeavor (i.e., talk therapy), but may be as powerfully developed through art and play, the language that is primary for children but is also important for adult mental health.  Therapy helps develop self-understanding and provides a safe space for emotional release that can lead to enhanced self-awareness, self-esteem and psychoemotional well-being.


Contact me: 

Suellen, PhD (PSY27801) 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


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